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Cool Steps"  New CD by TriofuS

Top 6 CD's of 2006

 "Cool Steps" - New CD by TriofuS.   
     Gerhard Wuensch   Trio Opus (3 movements)
     Jeff Smallman:        Terzett (3 movements)
     Alan Torok              Sonata, Opus 38  (4 movements)
     Patrick Cardy          Tzigane
This is the first  recording by TriofuS and includes four works by Canadian composers, all but one written for the ensemble.  The first two works are in rich in harmonies and formal structures reminiscent of Reger and Brahms.  The third is a major work for this instrumental combination rich in imagination and formal symmetry. The third movement, with its sardonic biting humour, provides the title for the CD.  The final work is in a similar "gypsy" style of Ravel's work of the same title.  All are delightful additions to a slim repertoire and are immediately accessible to audiences everywhere 
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