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  • Release of Chalumeau Trios Volume 2
    Clarinet Trios

    These short original trios were written to assist grade 1-2+ clarinettists with developing musicality and technique while staying in the chalumeau (low) range of the instrument. Too often students struggle to accomplish playing in the higher register of the instrument while neglecting some of the most important aspects of playing - dynamics, control, and basic technique. Volume 2 will be released on CD from this website in September 2010 Price: TBA

  • Release of Theory Assignments Volume 2
    Theory Papers

    A continuation of the assignments  written, edited and used over a period of forty years in which  period the author worked at different institutions, using many different theory texts. Every effort was made to ensure that none of the examples breech copyright. The examples that appear in this compendium  include: secondary dominants, viio7 resolutions- diatonic/chromatic, Neapolitan and Augmented 6th chords. Price: TBA

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